Update 2020.9.16

Update 2020.9.16

Sorry it's been so long since our last update, we've been really hard at work on Polus which is coming out in one week! Check out the trailer for that, if you missed it. Just before that, we wanted to get out one more little release. We hope you really like version 2019.11.5!

Online players can now join MIRA games for free!
We've been hearing about players buying MIRA, but not having enough players to enjoy it, so we decided to give everyone the benefits that local players have. To host a game, you must own the MIRA map. But in version 2019.11.5 and newer, you can now find and join MIRA games without owning it.

How does this affect Polus?
It doesn't. For now, we are planning to launch Polus the same way we launched MIRA. Online players will need to own the map to play unless it is a free weekend. Local players will only need a host that owns the map.

Did you fix other stuff?
Yep! There's plenty of bug fixes for Skeld and MIRA, and this version should be significantly harder for players to hack. Enjoy!

As always, let us know if you see bugs or have other thoughts and feelings. We can't respond to all of them, but we do read a lot of them. You can also follow us on Twitter. Thanks for playing!